RailAI® Control System

The RailAI Control System is at the heart of the architecture of Tetra Tech’s autonomous track assessment system, interacting with all onboard systems to coordinate RailAI’s operation, providing real-time data collection, processing and, reporting of rail asset defects unlike any other system available.


At a Glance

Stores more than a month worth of data

Advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence

Exceptionally low false positive rate

More than 100 standard business rules plus customer-defined business rules

Massive onboard computing power

Run-over-run comparisons to detect patterns and changes

The RailAI Control System interacts with each of the different data collection subsystems to control and monitor their activities.

Tetra Tech also works in conjunction with the RailAI Control System to monitor train movement and issue survey control messages and commands to other onboard third‑party systems.

The RailAI Control System receives external geospatial position, our clients’ GIS‑based network definitions (including division, subdivision, line segment, track, mile post and decimals or foot count, and track class), hardware synchronization signals, and wheel encoder information to distribute the spatial position reference information to all onboard data collection subsystems. These signals ensure the accurate referencing of all collected data, even in the event of a data collection system reset during test car data collection.

The Health Monitoring and Control System interacts with the RailAI Control System to monitor and report the overall data collection activities from the Tetra Tech data collection subsystems, including the 3D Track Assessment System (3DTAS), Autonomous Rail Corridor LiDAR System, autonomous imaging system, and DMA geometry system.

All RailAI Control System communication messages are logged, including communication with all onboard hardware controllers and any integrated third‑party systems. The RailAI Control System software and the software for the RailAI 3DTAS, RailWEB, and CrossVu LiDAR systems have been developed in‑house and are proven and operational. This in‑house expertise enables Tetra Tech to readily customize the software to incorporate our clients’ requirements and define specific diagnostics for different hardware and software systems.

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