Improving Safety and Efficiency Real-time Alerts Using RailAI®

In revenue service with North American Class 1 Railroads and the Federal Railroad Administration Automated Track Inspection Program (ATIP)

Our RailAI solution uses multiple sensors and artificial intelligence to automate railroad infrastructure inspection. The RailAI autonomous railcar operates unmanned providing real-time track condition data for immediate corrective action and the ability to achieve predictive maintenance and data-driven capital planning.

RailAI provides clients with georeferenced, objective, and accurate inspection data that can be used to fully develop and refine their asset management capabilities.

The correctly referenced, repeated run data, collected over time, allows accurate modeling of track components, including tie condition and rail wear, to optimally plan track OE and capital maintenance programs. It additionally provides predictive capabilities to recognize emerging issues for early minor repair, reducing operating costs and risk by minimizing unplanned track outages.


RailAI® at a Glance

AI-powered autonomous data collection

5-times the functionality at 1/5 the cost per mile of manned systems

Real-time processing at 70 mph survey speed

16 times greater inspection rate than traditional methods

24/7 fully automated track inspections

50% reduction in visual inspections

Available for lease, turn-key purchase, or as an upgrade to existing systems

Hardware and software customized to integrate with customer systems

RailAI’s unequaled processing power enables the system to issue real-time alerts of track defects based on clients’ business rules.

Alerts can contain specific data from the vicinity of the defect, enhancing the notification received by management to enable remote evaluation and dispatch. All raw and processed assessment data belongs to our clients. Field data can be offloaded via Wi‑Fi or manually and provided in client-defined data formats for in‑house or third-party data analytics and asset management.

The game-changing benefits of Tetra Tech’s RailAI autonomous track assessment system will increase as Federal Railroad Administration pilot programs mature to allow autonomous inspection systems to incrementally replace manual inspection methods. The unique onboard real-time processing and reporting capability of the RailAI autonomous track assessment system provides timely identification of defects, supporting the transition to autonomous inspection, and provides the data necessary to optimize asset maintenance and health.